Generations Photography


Reynolds and Danielle Boyd began Generations Photography after several years of shooting pictures of family and friends, including some pictures Reynolds took while travelling with work.  After the birth of our children, Ainsley and Elijah, our photography went into overdrive, snapping hundreds of pictures of the kids around the house, in the tub, playing outside...wherever.  Our first camera eventually succumbed to the additional wear and tear, so we quickly upgraded to a new camera, lenses, and lighting.  In the process, we became much more serious about our photography and decided to take it to the next step by starting Generations Photography.

Children are a blast to take pictures since you never know what you are going to get.  They are not self conscience about their looks and simply want to make Mom and Dad say, “ cute!”.  However, their attention span is just as fleeting as their lack of self conscience so you have to quick and get the pic!

Of course, kids would rather be at play than to sit and pose for a picture.  And you are more likely to catch their natural smile.

Big toothy grin!  Or not.

Little smile, warms her Daddy’s heart.

“Hey babe, how you doing?”

Sometimes you just get that look...